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How do I resolve: Lilo install causes error 0×80 during Slack install

02.08.2011 · Posted in Linux
I am an avid Slackware user for oodles of home/work machines, now at a loss. Google apparently hates me, or no one has posted an answer to this in a way I can find.

Upon install of lilo on Slackware 12.1 – 13.1, if there is a SATA card, or a SATA drive plugged in, even when not using the drive for the slack install I get a 0×80.

I have tried to install to the SATA or the IDE as I am trying to use a BUNCH of old hardware for a cheap RAID box, and since I have 10s of 80gb drives sitting rotting at work, I will use them. I am aware of the IDE speed issue, but running each as a master in a RAID5 w/no slave I get the about same throughput as SATA drives via SaMBa.

Is there a way that you can preconfigure/mod lilo.conf in another console before installing lilo during a Slack install?

Is there a workaround that I was unable to find? Even a link SPECIFIC to the issue would be good. The only way I am able to get this to work is to unplug all cards/cables for anything SATA related and do the install, then plug it all back in, post install. Please advise.

THX in advance,
- THE 86′d

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